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Get2Loan Maternity Insurance Benefits

Buying a health plan with maternity cover is not the end of your journey, and we understand that. With Get2Loan, experience the new way of purchasing, managing, and getting service support on all types of policies.

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Round-the-clock assistance from our team of subject matter experts on all types of health policies for a lifetime

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Compare health insurance plans and get the right policy at the most competitive rates

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Right from helping you file a claim until its settlement, we've got everything covered!

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Features to Look For

Here are some time-tested nuggets of wisdom from the desk of our in-house insurance gurus

Don’t Postpone

Maternity plans come with a waiting period of 3 – 6 years, so it is crucial for a couple to plan well in advance to be able to avail the benefits.

Get the Add-on Boost

While cost of delivery will range between INR 60,000 to 2,00,000, maternity cover will come with a capping sub-limit of close to INR 30,000. Opt for an add-on to boost your sum insured.

Always with a Health Plan

Maternity cover (except some rare plans) always comes inbuilt with or as an add-on along with a health insurance policy. So, do not choose a plan keeping in mind solely maternity-related needs.