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Get2Loan Child Insurance Benefits

Buying a child insurance plan is not the end of your journey, and we understand that. With Get2Loan, experience the new way of purchasing, managing and getting service support on all types of child policies.

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Round-the-clock assistance from our team of subject matter experts on all types of child policies for a lifetime.

Competitive Rates

Compare child plans and get the right policy at the most competitive rates.

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Right from keeping your policies claim ready till claim settlement, we got everything covered!

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Buying Advice from the Pros

Here are some time-tested nuggets of wisdom from the desk of our in-house insurance gurus.

Pay-outs Must Exactly Coincide with Your Child’s Education

This is where accurate planning while buying insurance comes into play. A few lakhs received 1 year before or after the year your child has to take admission into a Professional Course is not going to be useful. If it comes later, it is useless, and if it comes earlier, you will tend to spend it all. Many use these plans like children education plans – this is a good practice.

Buy as Early as Possible

The earlier you buy child plans, the lower the premiums and the higher the returns tend to be. This is quite obvious – the more the years the insurer has with your money, the more it compounds and the higher the pay-out.

Parent Must Be Insured, Not the Child

There are plans out there that insure you against your child’s death. Keep them far away! It’s vital that you insure one of the parents in a child plan. Treat these plans like children future plans.