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Get2Loan Car Insurance Benefits

Buying a car insurance plan is just not enough and we understand that. With Get2Loan, experience the new way of purchasing, managing, and getting Claim and Service Assistance on all types of car insurance policies.

Service & Support

Round-the-clock assistance from our team of subject matter experts on all kinds of car policies for a lifetime

Competitive Rates

Compare car insurance prices and get the right policy at the most competitive rates

Claim Assistance

Right from helping you file a claim until its settlement, we’ve got everything covered!

Get2Loan App

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Features to Look For

Get2Loan provides far more than just a car insurance price calculator. Here are some car insurance features that will help you choose wisely

Zero Depreciation

With this add-on in place, you can get your car repaired without having to pay the depreciation value.

NCB Protection

In the event of a claim, this cover protects your No Claim Bonus (NCB) from resetting to the default ‘0%’.

Return To Invoice

Get complete invoice value of your car in case of total damage or theft. You will also get the first time registration charges and road tax for the said vehicle.

Engine Protector

This cover protects the internal child parts of the engine, gear box, transmission and differential assembly. It provides for its repair and replacement costs.

Roadside Assistance

This feature provides emergency roadside assistances like towing, flat tire replacement, battery jump-start and much more.